Why You Should Request Your College Transcripts?

Why You Should Request Your College Transcripts?

Leaving or taking a break from college is rarely part of the plan when trying to earn a college degree. However, did you know approximately 89 percent

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Leaving or taking a break from college is rarely part of the plan when trying to earn a college degree. However, did you know approximately 89 percent of students who have dropped out of school have put at least some thought into returning?  If you’re considering reentering school to finish your degree, there are ways you can prepare for your return.

One very important step to focus on if you are changing schools is to make sure you request your college transcripts, so you can transfer any of your previously earned college credits. The transfer process may vary depending on your previous credits’ grades, the college’s accreditation, and your new school’s transfer policies.

Advantage of Requesting Your College Transcripts

Save Time and Money:

Transferring your previous college credits to your new school gives you the ability to save time and money by not retaking courses you previously completed and already paid for. Every college has its own transfer policy. You should search for a school that has your desired degree and can transfer a large amount of course credits from your previous school, so it will help you continue your progression toward completing your degree.

Keep in mind any funds owed to your previous school must be paid first for your credits to be released and transferred.

Gain Admission or Apply:

Another important reason to request your college transcripts is so you can gain admission into certain schools or apply for a scholarship or internship. Certain colleges or graduate schools may require you to show them previous college experience in order to be accepted into that school. The same can work for scholarships and internships as they may have requirements where you need to show experience in order to be eligible.

Maintaining an unofficial copy of your college transcripts is an important document for anyone with previous, current or future plans to complete their college degree.

Greater Opportunities:

Our national economy and workforce has undergone some dramatic changes over the years and has given college graduates career opportunities that non-degree holders are unable to access. Earning your degree can give you the ability to pursue different career options, apply for promotion and have an increased earning potential throughout your professional career.

If you have previously completed credits, finding a way to utilize those to complete your degree may assist you in attaining a career you have been dreaming about for years.

As you consider going back to school, do not waste any time in requesting your college transcripts to see how close you really are to completing your degree. No matter what your age, experience or degree program, the credit transfer process doesn’t have to be difficult.

If you want to complete your degree without retaking courses, while taking advantage of your previous learning experiences, contact your new college’s admissions department immediately. Let them help you return to college to complete your college degree and change your life.

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