5 High School Transcript Submission Tips

5 High School Transcript Submission Tips

When applying to most colleges, your need to submit 3 things: your application, transcript and test scores. Some schools will require an essay, and/or

Know 3 easy steps to get transcripts from Calicut University
How do Colleges Evaluate Transcripts?

When applying to most colleges, your need to submit 3 things: your application, transcript and test scores. Some schools will require an essay, and/or letters of recommendation, but almost all will want your transcripts. This seems like a simple request, but can hold up the process if done incorrectly. Here are some tips to follow when submitting your transcript:

It starts with you!

I want to help you get into school.  So do your parents, teachers and principals, but that doesn’t mean we can request your transcript. This confidential educational information can only be requested by you. Make sure to review your school’s policy on how to request transcripts, the costs and how long it takes for them to be sent. Always do this early instead of waiting for the deadline.

Research your method of delivery

Just because your school has a fancy new system for sending transcripts electronically doesn’t mean the university you’re applying to can accept them in that form. Universities can accept electronic transcripts, but when in doubt, visit a school’s website or call their admissions office to verify.

If they can’t accept them electronically, you can mail in your transcripts. Just make sure to check the address, as they may need to be mailed to a specific department or post office box number.

Some may allow you to drop off them off in person.  If so, make sure it’s signed and in a sealed envelope. If you receive an unsealed envelope, talk to your school’s Registrar’s office and get a new one. It’s always a good idea to request a few extra copies to have. Remember not to open your extra copies.

Dual credit means dual transcripts

Just because you’re getting credit towards high school graduation doesn’t mean you won’t need to submit your transcript. Universities will require ALL of your academic information.  Make sure you request official transcripts from all the colleges where you’ve earned credit. This will NOT make you a transfer student, regardless of hours, but is still important for use in admissions consideration and class credit.

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